Why Every Artist Should Relax - The Business of Community


Business is about rhythm and rhythm is about rest. Are you aware of empty spaces? Artists are used to making things. They literally take things from inside of them, and translate them into mediums, all on their own. Business is different.

Businesses are built by communities. Even if it's as simple as taking your art to a market, every artist has to do some kind of business. Even if it’s as simple as leaving your art on display.

While it feels like you have to “make” your art popular, it’s actually not up to you. In fact you can’t even “make” someone buy your art. The best you can do, is find a spot in the community and rest. That rest will allow them to check out your art. That rest will allow you to grow.

It’s important to rest in life. Art sometimes leads us to believe that we are the masters of our own universe. When an artist rests they will be able to remember their community. They will be able to find their place in the world.

by Kinyo


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