Poetry Teaches us to Think Beautiful Thoughts


Writing is one of the most fascinating aspects of society. Language in general is one of those great mysteries which reminds us that there is so much we don’t understand about ourselves.

 Language allows us to transport meaning from one place to the next. Poetry allows us to revisit the meanings of our past, days, weeks, years, seconds.

When our life is meaningful it will be beautiful to us. When we settle into peace and watch a beautiful sunset we simultaneously arrive at the meaning of that moment. 

Just because we have thoughts doesn’t necessarily mean that they have any meaning. Poetry challenges a writer to level up the meaning contained in a thought. 

Beauty can be seen as the measure of meaning in a thought. When you read a beautiful poem as opposed to one you find less desirable you are appreciating the meaning that was instilled into that thought, now made beautiful.

The lesson there seems to be that we should be rigorous with our thoughts. If we are attempting to cultivate an appreciation for beauty, poetry can help. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and speaks to their ability to understand the meaning of what has caught their thoughts. Maybe you should write a poem about the next moment that makes you think.