How to Use Google Drive to Organize Your Business


A lot of people have ideas, and a FEW of us regularly write our ideas down. For some reason many people never take their own notes seriously.

Let's say that's not you and you are accustomed to regularly keeping your notes in order. Well one day you might write a bunch of notes about starting a business and then you'll say "what next?"

It's time to start building.

Google Drive is an exceptional way to start organizing your files in a modern convenient way. Building your database on a cloud platform like Google Drive also enables you to easily share files with clients, customers, and whoever you want.

Pictured above are some of the first folders I made for my business Project Forward. You’ll want to start simple with an “Admin” or “Finance” folder. You can also have folders for your categories, and then folders for campaigns and more.

Create your documents, audio for podcasts or records, collect photos for branding and marketing, stockpile videos that let people know what’s going on.

If you keep organizing and growing on Google Drive you’ll be ready to expand before you know it. When you are upgrading your platforms to platforms that cost money, SAAS, and brick and Mortar business you’ll have a solid foundation.

Get started on google drive:


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