Sold a Website, Bought Coachella Tickets, MacBook and Reinvested

I started coding pages and using photoshop at eight years old. Through the years I built a few websites and started a few “companies”. Finally when I was 18 I started the first website that not only made me money through Google Adsense, advertising, merchandise, and brand deals, but I eventually sold it for enough money to buy a MacBook Air, a Ticket to Coachella, and started my journey to the business I am now currently operating.


  1. A niche that I was interested in

  2. Finding a good catchy name (that wasn’t taken)

  3. A Logo

  4. A FREE website platform

  5. 5 articles a day

  6. Design innovation

  7. Links on related websites

  8. Social Media

  9. Advertising/brand revenue to pay for labor/building costs

  10. Working hard to drive web traffic

  11. Technology to drive web traffic

  12. Partnerships with brands in the niche

  13. Listed the website for sale

  14. Chose to price at 3 times annual revenue

  15. Emailed all my contacts telling them I was selling


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