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Simple 2023 Sales Budget - Grandeur Branding

The Goal: Growing Sales Official Black Genius Document We are going to keep it simple. Increasing production on marketing channels like websites and content is one possibility. It is possible to overwork in this area so stay balanced. Increasing production on advertising like ads, photo and video editing is another area to focus, balance, and organize. While products are preferred, services are the biggest draw for sales. Having more dedicated service days and hours is a great way to increase service accomplishment. Now let’s talk about investing in your funnel, like the one in the picture. Preferred Accountable Vendor for suggested investment. OTT.Vimeo - White Label Streaming - Video/Community Platform - Music Publishing - Music - Podcast Publishing - Podcast Legal Zoom - Legal - Property Management - Accounting - Revenue Management - CRM - Client Management - Book Publishing - Books Open.Sea - NFT Platform - Ar

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